May 1 - Sixth Sunday of Easter: Our real home is in heaven

April 26th, 2016


First Reading  Acts of theApostles 15:1-2,22-29
The early Church community determines, with the help of the Holy Spirit, not toimpose the requirement of circumcision on Gentile Christians

Responsorial Psalm  Psalm 67:2-3,5,6,8
A prayer that all the nations sing praise to God.

Second Reading  Revelation 21:10-14,22-23
The vision of the splendor of the heavenly Jerusalem is described.

Gospel Reading
John 14:23-29

Our real home is inheaven "gleaming with the splendour of God" (Rev 21:11). However Godhas made his abode in our hearts as well: "If anyone loves me and keeps myword, I and my Father will come to dwell in him" (Jn 14:23)


April 24 - Fifth Sunday of Easter : Newness, Glory, and Love

April 19th, 2016



First Reading  Acts of theApostles 14:21-27
Paul and Barnabas proclaim the good news in many places.

Responsorial Psalm  Psalm145:8-9,10-11,12-13
A song of praise to God.

Second Reading  Revelation 21:1-5a
John describes his vision of a new heaven and a new earth.

Gospel Reading
John 13:31-33a,34-35

According to the Gospel of John, the actuation and the realization of all these 3realities took place on the Cross. Therefore we are invited to experience thesame in our moments of joy and in moments of Sorrow.


April 17 - Fourth Sunday of Easter: The Good Shepherd Sunday

April 11th, 2016


First Reading  Acts of the Apostles 5:27-32,40b-41 
The apostles are brought before the Sanhedrin and ordered to stop speaking in Jesus' name.

Responsorial Psalm  Psalm 30:2,4,5-6,11-12,13
A song of praise to God who rescues us.

Second Reading  Revelation 5:11-14
John describes his vision of the praises that will be sung to the Lamb by every creature on heaven and earth.

Gospel Reading
John 21:1-19 (short form:John 21:1-14)

In the gospel reading Jesus identifies himself as the shepherd: “My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me”(John 10:27). Remember, each week we take Jesus inside us in the Eucharist and our greatest protection and shepherding comes from within. Take the time to listen to Jesus. Spend some quality time this week with Jesus. Just a few minutes to listen quietly or reflect on his words can change your day. That is how we are nourished. And that is how we can be judged.


April 10 – Third Sunday of Easter: To love like Jesus

April 5th, 2016


First Reading  Acts of the Apostles 5:12-16 
Peter and the apostles perform many signs and wonders.

Responsorial Psalm  Psalm 118:2-4,13-15,22-24
A song of praise to the Lord.

Second Reading  Revelation 1:9-11a,12-13,17-19
John describes the instruction he received to write down his vision.

Gospel Reading
John 20:19-31


Todays Gospel presents to us the scene of Peter's repentance as three times Jesus asks him to make a profession of love. Jesus then explains just what Peter's love and leadership will require, foretelling Peter’s death by crucifixion: "you will stretch out your hands". This is agape love, that is self-forgetting love. Mother Theresa of Calcutta speaks of 'loving till it hurts'. That is Christian love. Can we love this way? Can we love the way Jesus loved?


April 3 - Second Sunday of Easter: I believe

March 29th, 2016


First Reading  Acts of the Apostles 5:12-16
Peter and the apostles perform many signs and wonders.

Responsorial Psalm  Psalm 118:2-4,13-15,22-24
A song of praise to the Lord.

Second Reading  Revelation 1:9-11a,12-13,17-19
John describes the instruction he received to write down his vision.

Gospel Reading
John 20:19-31


Each one of us must come to our own personal faith in Jesus. We can't believe just because our friends do. Their faith can help us and challenge us and strengthen us but it is not enough. We must arrive at our own personal faith in Jesus just as Thomas did in today's Gospel.


March 27 - Easter Sunday: We are an Easter people

March 26th, 2016


First Reading Genesis 1:1—2:2 (shorter form, Genesis 1:1,26-31a)
God creates the heavens and the earth.

Responsorial Psalm Psalm104:1-2,5-6,10,12-14,24,35 or Psalm 33:4-7,12-13,20-22
A song of praise to God, the Creator.

Second Reading Genesis 22:1-18 (shorter form, Genesis 22:1-2,9a, 10-13, 15-18)
God puts Abraham to the test.

Responsorial Psalm Psalm 16:5,8-11
The Lord shows us the path of life.

Third Reading Exodus 14:15—15:1
The Israelites pass through the Red Sea.

Responsorial Psalm Exodus 15:1-6,17-18
The song of praise that the Israelites sang after crossing the Red Sea.

Fourth Reading Isaiah 54:5-14
The Lord promises to redeem Israel.

Responsorial Psalm Psalm30:2,4-6,11-13
A prayer of thanksgiving for God's redemption.

Fifth Reading Isaiah 55:1-11
A call to return to the Lord who is merciful.

Responsorial Psalm Isaiah 12:2-6
The Lord sends his salvation.

Sixth Reading Baruch 3:9-15,32—4:4
Israel is told to follow the way of God's commandments.

Responsorial Psalm Psalm 19:8-11
A prayer of praise for God's commandments.

Seventh Reading Ezekiel 36:16-17a,18-28
The Lord will cleanse Israel for the sake of his holy name.

Responsorial Psalm Psalm 42:3,5; 53:3,4 orIsaiah 12:2-3,4bcd,5-6
A prayer of praise for God who saves us.

Epistle  Romans 6:3-11
Those who have been baptized have died with Christ.

Responsorial Psalm  Psalm 118:1-2,16-17,22-23
God's mercy endures forever.

Gospel Reading
Luke 24:1-12


Easter means experiencing thepower of Jesus changing a great tragedy in our lives into a glorious newbeginning. Therefore let us experience Easter in our lives each time we falland fail, each time we want to give up, each time we want to cry and give intofrustration. Jesus Can change us, he can bring us new life again. Therefore canwe dare to start afresh from Christ? That's the challenge of Easter.


March 25 - Good Friday: In the Cross is our Salvation.

March 24th, 2016


First Reading  Isaiah 52:13—53:12
Because of hisaffliction he shall see the light in fullness of days

Responsorial  Psalm 31:2, 6, 12-13, 15-16, 17, 25
Father, into your hands I commend my spirit. 

Second Reading Hebrews 4:14-16; 5:7-9
he became the source ofeternal salvation for all who obey him.

Gospel Reading

As we look up to thecross today and contemplate Jesus dying to make the full payment for our sins,let us thank him, and let us promise him that our whole lives will be oneunbroken song of thanksgiving to him who gave his life to make full payment forthe immeasurable debt we owe to God. This will give us strength to carry ourlittle crosses with love and faith


March 24 - Maunday Thursday: Jesus Our Bread

March 22nd, 2016


First Reading  Exodus 12:1-8,11-14
This day shall be a memorial feast for you, which all your generations shall celebrate
with pilgrimage to the LORD

Responsorial Psalm  Psalm116:12-13,15-18
Our blessing-cup is a communion with the Blood of Chris.

Second Reading  Corinthians11:23-26
For as often as you eat this bread and drinkthe cup, you proclaim the death of the Lord until he comes.

Gospel Reading
John  13:1—15 

Today is the day of the"Maundy," the mandatum, "the new commandment" of love. Itis the special day of friendship, and the traditional ceremonies of the day -the washing of feet, the blessing of oils for the sick, and so on - allreinforce that thought. Above all, it is the day of the banquet, thecelebration of friends, in which our divine friend gives himself in theEucharist, that we may dwell in him, and he in us. It is the moment of friendsrejoicing together before the pain of tomorrow. Today is also the day whereJesus established the priesthood. Let us thank God for all these gifts for HisChurch.


March 20 - Passion Sunday : Marching with Jesus

March 18th, 2016


Gospel at the Procession with Palms Luke 19:28-40
Jesus sends his disciples for a colt and then rides into Jerusalem.

First Reading  Isaiah 50:4-7
The Lord's Servant will stand firm, even when persecuted.

Responsorial Psalm  Psalm22:8-9,17-20,23-24
A cry for help to the Lord in the face of evildoers.

Second Reading  Philippians 2:6-11
Christ was obedient even to death, but God has exalted him.

Gospel Reading
Luke 22:14—23:56 (shorter form: Luke 23:1-49

Indeed,we have reached the climax of the liturgical year, the highest peak ofsalvation history, when all that has been anticipated and promised is to befulfilled. By the close of today’s long Gospel, the work of our redemption willhave been accomplished, the new covenant will be written in the blood of Hisbroken body hanging on the cross at the place called the Skull. The palms thatwe use today should be sings that we are willing to follow and march with Jesusnot only in moments of glory but also in times of fall and agony.


March 13 - Fifth Sunday of Lent: Start afresh from Christ

March 9th, 2016


First Reading  Isaiah 43:16-21
The Lord is doing something new for his people.

Responsorial Psalm  Psalm 126:1-6
A song in praise of the Lord's marvelous deeds

Second Reading  Philippians 3:8-14
Paul says that he counts all things as lot and focuses on one goal, Christ.

Gospel Reading
John 8:1-11

Jesusshows a God who is rich in mercy (dives in misericordia). The completeness ofhis forgiveness is most incredible in the words:“neither I condemn you”. Jesusforgives the sinner without condoning the sin. Jesus takes away the weepingfrom this woman’s heart and fills her with hope and new life which God alone canbring. Isaiah’s new deal is confirmed by Jesus. He takes a wasted soul to urnit fruitful in grace. We can catch her sentiments in the words of Isaiah aspresented in the 1st Reading: it must have been like water beenfound suddenly in the desert and rivers started flowing suddenly in thewasteland. Jesus gave a second chance to the sinful woman. He knew that shehad made a mess of her life, but life was not all over for her. She couldrebuild her life back again. We are called upon to lay aside our past (sinfulpast), our brokenness, our failures, the mistakes we have done at the feet ofJesus and to start a fresh from him and so to experience the difference.


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